About Vendy

Providing seamless transactions between merchants and customers...

Vendy is a unified payment gateway that provides a cashless way for customers to make successful transactions and merchants to safely receive funds, both offline and online.

About Vendy

Vendy is a fintech company focused on building solutions to simplify the way businesses accept and make payments.
A payment gateway that connects a buyer to a seller on a website for purchasing goods. It acts as a go-between between buyer and seller to protect the buyer's credit card information.

How It Works


Visual representation about Vendy.

Our product goals are:

  • A unified payment gateway that allows merchants to accept money from their customers using their phone numbers regardless of whether they are online or offline.

  • The solution is a proactive request to pay service.

  • Customers can see all their stores of value in a unified interface and can checkout directly without needing to use or input their card details.

  • Users of Vendy can connect directly to their banks or mobile wallets via their mobile phone with their phone number as the unique identifier.

  • Users do not need to download a separate app.

  • The Vendy service can reach the user via channels that are linked to the user's mobile number such as;

  • USSD

  • Whatsapp