Transaction Model

idIntegerA unique identifier for transactionfalse
uidIntegerA unique Identifier for transactionfalse
businessIdIntegerUnique identifier for business associated with transactionfalse
requestStringRequest sent to customerfalse
msisdnString(Digits)Phone number of customer to whom request is sentfalse
amountString(Double)Amount requested by merchantfalse
requestamountString(Double)Total amount requested from customerfalse
refidStringUnique reference identifier for interacting with transactionfalse
vendrefStringInternal reference identifierTrue
debitrefStringInternal debit reference identifierTrue
reasonStringReason for failure of transactionTrue
raw_reasonStringInternal reason for failure of transactionTrue
channelStringChannel on which transaction is processedFalse
pageStringCurrent page/stage of transaction with customerTrue
currencyString3 letters ISO currency code in which transaction is processedfalse
methodEnum(String)Payment checkout channel where transaction is processed; 'ussd' or 'whatsapp'false
deliveredIntegerFlag is "1" when request is successfully delivered to customerfalse
vendedIntegerInternal flagfalse
reversedIntegerFlag is "1" when transaction is successfully reversedfalse
debitedIntegerFlag is "1" when customer is successfully debitedfalse
debited_dateDate(String)Date customer is debited for transactionTrue
failedIntegerFlag is "1" if transaction fails, flag is "0" if transaction is successfulfalse
isreversingIntegerFlag is "1" if transaction is currently reversingfalse
processingIntegerFlag is "1" when transaction is processingfalse
flagIntegerInternal flagfalse
delivered_dateDate(String)Date transaction is delivered to customerTrue
reversed_dateDate(String)Date transaction is reversed, if reversedTrue
metaJSONExtra data on transactiontrue
walletIdIntegerUnique identifier for sales wallet where funds from transaction is paid intofalse
commissionWalletIntegerUnique identifier for commission wallet where commissions from transaction is paid intofalse
staffIdIntegerInternal unique identifiertrue
created_onDate(String)Date of creation of transactionfalse
updated_onDate(String)Most recent date of update on transactionfalse
deletedAtDate(String)Date of deletion of transactiontrue

Sample Business Model response

    "id": 605511755,
    "uid": 60,
    "businessId": 52,
    "request": "",
    "msisdn": "254708980456",
    "amount": "100.0000",
    "requestamount": "100.0000",
    "refid": "8818794595836821394",
    "vendref": null,
    "debitref": "47785833",
    "reason": null,
    "raw_reason": null,
    "channel": "beyonic",
    "page": null,
    "currency": "NGN",
    "method": "USSD",
    "delivered": 1,
    "vended": -1,
    "reversed": -1,
    "debited": 1,
    "debited_date": "2022-12-14 19:28:54",
    "failed": 0,
    "isreversing": -1,
    "processing": 0,
    "flag": -1,
    "delivered_date": "2022-12-14 19:27:26",
    "reversed_date": null,
    "meta": {
        "fee": 0,
        "total": 100,
        "commission": 0,
        "fee_structure": {
            "fee": 0,
            "percent": true,
            "threshold": {
                "max": 100,
                "min": 0
            "commission": 0,
            "charge_customer": true
        "charge_customer": true
    "walletId": 3,
    "commissionWallet": 4,
    "staffId": null,
    "created_on": "2022-12-14T19:27:26.000Z",
    "updated_on": "2022-12-14T19:28:59.000Z",
    "deletedAt": null