Wallets are what hold funds for the customer. All their monies are stored in their wallet. Adding your preferred wallet where your withdrawals from the app will go to.

Wallets hold funds after a successful transaction is conducted.
A Business can create wallets for different currencies; A wallet for NGN transactions, A wallet for KSH transactions, etc

Customers can withdraw money from his/her wallet into their bank accounts or mobile money wallet. To withdraw funds from their wallets, they need to add their bank account or mobile money wallet as a payout account and then do a withdrawal from their wallet into the payout account.

There are two types of wallets, balance wallet, and commission wallet
Balance wallet; Total amount for a transaction is credited into the balance wallet
Commission Wallet; Vendy pays out a commission into the commission wallet for each transaction conducted on the platform; See here[link] to get more information about Vendy commissions.