Welcome to Vendy's API documentation.

Hi! You can use our APIs to make and receive payments offline and online via a variety of payment channels.

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API Environments

Vendy API operates in two environments: live and staging.

Environment HostUsageURL
Staging APIFor development purposes and to test Vendy's features without affecting real data.https://api.staging.vendy.money
Staging DashboardSign up on the staging dashboard to test Vendy's featureshttps://dashboard.staging.vendy.money
Live APITo access real-time data when your product is ready to livehttps://api.vendy.money
Live DashboardSign up on the live dashboard when you're ready to go livehttps://dashboard.vendy.money

API Interaction


The Vendy API accepts POST and GET requests. Your requests must follow these formal requirements:

  • The authorization header must contain your secret API key as a bearer token.
  • The content-type header must be application/json.
  • The request body must be in valid JSON format.


The Vendy API responds with HTTP codes to indicate status and errors. The API provides all responses in standard JSON format.

Null fields

When no information is present, data fields may return null values:

    "status": true,
    "code": 200,
    "msg": "Transaction Sent",
    "data": {
      "refid": "r1238912318231238"