General overview of Vendy APIs

Vendy's APIs offer numerous ways to access Vendy services.

These APIs can be classified into four(4):

* Authentication APIs : These APIs help identifies genuine users.

* Business APIs: These APIs are designed to help merchants identify their businesses.

  • The Payment APIs: This consist of Vendy money APIs used to transmit payments to customers.

  • The Collections APIs: Vendy money APIs that are used to accept payments from customers.

Payment APIs

Vendy's payment APIs allow you to connect directly to the payment gateway available on the platform. Vendy operates through a payment gateway that is linked to banks and mobile network operators. The payment APIs will enable you to connect to the payment channel.

The Payment APIs includes;

  • Asynchronous Payments API
    Money transfer organizations (MTOs) and other forms of disbursement partners can use the asynchronous payments API.

  • Asynchronous Webhooks API
    To deliver Instant Payment Notifications, the Asynchronous Webhooks API integrates with the Asynchronous Payments API (IPNs)

  • Synchronous Payments API
    Customized Synchronous Payments API for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

  • Synchronous Bank Transfer API
    For sending/transferring money to banks, use the synchronized bank transfer API.

Vendy's Gateway

Customers can utilize the Vendy gateway's web-based platform to send and receive payments through Vendy.

Customers can use the gateway to access Vendy's services without having to create any new software. Additionally, the gateway offers a number of self-serve options for controlling the payment procedure and getting access to payment analytics and data. Study more.

Collection APIs

These APIs are used to request funds from customers, access previously issued requests, and retrieve information on funds already collected from customers.