Wallet Model

A wallet is an account that contains the total amount collected by businesses on Vendy. They are created automatically upon activation of businesses. There are two types of wallet created for businesses:

  • Balance Wallet: Total amount for a transaction is credited into this wallet.
  • Commission Wallet: A commission is paid into the commission wallet for each transaction conducted via Vendy
idIntegerA unique identifier for interacting with walletfalse
owneridIntegerUnique identifier for business associated with walletfalse
uidIntegerA unique Identifier for walletfalse
businessIdIntegerUnique identifier for business associated with walletfalse
balanceDoubleTotal current amount in walletfalse
lockedBalanceDoubleAmount unavailable for withdrawal in walletfalse
metaJSONExtra data on wallettrue
pendingInflowDoublePending amount to be deposited into walletfalse
pendingWithdrawalDoublePending amount to be withdrawn from walletfalse
availableBalanceDoubleAmount available for withdrawal in walletfalse
statusEnum(String)Current state of wallet: 'active', 'pending', 'blocked' or 'outflow-only'false
typeEnum(String)Type of wallet: 'commission' or 'balance'false
currencyString3 letters ISO currency codefalse
feeDoubleStandard fee charge for business on transactionsfalse
createdAtDate(String)Date of creation of walletfalse
updatedAtDate(String)Most recent date of update on walletfalse
deletedAtDate(String)Date of deletion of wallettrue

Sample Wallet Response

    "id": 1687,
    "ownerid": 899,
    "uid": 1008,
    "businessId": 899,
    "balance": 0,
    "lockedBalance": 0,
    "meta": null,
    "pendingInflow": 0,
    "pendingWithdrawal": 0,
    "availableBalance": 0,
    "status": "active",
    "type": "balance",
    "currency": "ngn",
    "fee": 0.015,
    "createdAt": "2023-04-04T15:23:04.000Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-04-04T15:23:04.000Z",
    "deletedAt": null