How transactions are completed by customers

Payment Checkout Channels and Payment Methods

Payment checkout channels are the conduits (pipes) through which payments flow on the Vendy platform. Currently, there are two checkout channels: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Whatsapp.

USSD checkout channel: It is an offline checkout channel that enables customers without an internet connection to make payments make payments but with a few limitations.


50 Naira is the minimum amount that can be transacted in a session

20,000 Naira is the maximum amount that can be transacted in a session

Whatsapp checkout channel: It is an online checkout channel which leverages Whatsapp for completion of the payment flow. It has no limitations.

Payment Methods

A payment method is the process used to make the payment, they can be found on both checkout channels. Vendy offers a variety of payment methods:

  • Vendy Direct: This method entails payment directly from the customer’s bank account. Learn More about payment via Vendy Direct
  • Vendy Wallet: A customer can choose to retain a secure wallet with Vendy from which to make payment during checkout. When created, this is the fastest way to make payments on Vendy. Learn more about payment via Vendy Wallet
  • Pay with Debit Card: This payment method involves using a debit card to complete payments. A major feature that comes with this payment method is the customer can choose if to use the card for a one time payment or save the card to be reusable for future payments. Learn More about payment with Debit Card
  • Pay with Bank Transfer: In this payment method, a temporary account number is created for the customer to make a transfer of funds to. Learn more about payment with bank transfer